About Us

My Name is Vicki
I have always had a passion for decorating and creativity, this has been a life long hobby for me as well as a benefit to family and friends by helping improve there decor in there houses. I love many styles, new and refurbished home decor as well as styles enhanced by adding your own personal touches.

Your style is a reflection of your liking and what makes you comfortable in your own home. In fact that is why I named my website “Home Decor To Fit Your Style” because I believe everyone has there own style that should be reflected. I have found that every person is unique in someway and that is why I have chosen to have ” One of a Kind Unique Items”.

You will not find these items anywhere else this is the essence of creativity! I have experience with Coordinating colors, Faux finishes, Painting, Stenciling, Sewing, Flower arrangements, candles, and Window treatments among other area’s of expertise that can help transform a house into a Beautiful home.

I love beautiful homes & always enjoyed helping others have a nicer home too. I have decorated in many styles and want a home owner to enjoy there surroundings, I also want them to be proud of there home.

There are a lot of different ways to decorate and capture the feeling you want for your home even on a budget.

I offer one on one consulting upon Special Request. I would love to help you have your dream home!

Thank You for visiting my website! Please bookmark our site and visit often, we will be adding new items on a regular basis.
Vicki Davis
Send comments to vicki@homedecortofityourstyle.com